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Along the impressive building mall, over the moat that surrounds the castle, past the castle garden with its ancient trees – there stands the Castle Mellenthin, which has lost almost half a millennium since its construction nothing of its irresistible charme.
The name “Mellenthin” comes from the Slavic and means “in the middle”, and right there it is – in the middle of the natural park of the picturesque Baltic island of Usedom.
The water castle was built in 1575 under Rüdiger von Nienkerken in the style of the High Renaissance on the foundations of a 14th century manor house.
Over the centuries it went through various owners, who partially rebuilt or extended the castle. So in addition to the Renaissance, as well Rococo elements can be recognized today.
Today the castle is a hotel, gastronomy and a brewery. Visitors can stroll in the castle garden with its remarkable tree population, enjoy a style-original meal in the courtyard or simply listen to what the old walls have to say.

Wasserschloss Mellenthin

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Wasserschloss Mellenthin 53.924196, 14.016659 Wasserschloss MellenthinDorfstraße 2517429 MellenthinTel.: 038379 2878-0Fax: 038379 2878-280

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