Lübben Neuhaus

The castle of Lubin in the March of Lusatia was first mentioned in an 1150 register of Nienburg Abbey and had received town privileges according to Magdeburg law by 1220.
In 1526 the House of Habsburg inherited the Bohemian kingdom including Lusatia, which in 1623 Ferdinand II of Habsburg had to give in pawn to Elector John George I of Saxony. The Saxon Electorate finally acquired Lübben by signing the 1635 Peace of Prague. After the Napoleonic Wars it again fell to the Prussian province of Brandenburg by the final act of the 1815 Congress of Vienna.

During World War II, Lübben was taken by Soviet troops of the 3rd Guards Army on 27 April 1945.
Neuhaus Manor in Steinkirchen, built in 1801, was the former residence of author Christoph Ernst von Houwald from 1822 on.

Lübben Neuhaus

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