castle Lanke

In the former magnificent building life has moved again. After being used as a hospital in the meantime, it stood empty for years until it was bought in 2008 by three Berlin families and since then renovated with loving attention to detail.
The architect Edward Knoblauch built the castle in French Renaissance style between 1856 and 1858. The rich facade structure, the remarkable roof and the picturesque integration of the castle into the surrounding landscape park make Lanke Castle a significant attraction.
In the park, the remains of the formal gardens are still clearly visible. So you can discover terraces, pools, avenues and parking bridges. The conjunction of architectural and landscaping elements provides an opportunity for detailed viewing. In the scenic surroundings, characterized by forest and water, today the splendor of the castle comes back to its best advantage.

Schloss Lanke

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Schloss Lanke 52.759628, 13.565474 Schloss LankeLanker Dorfstrasse 1016348 WandlitzTel.: 03337 4308942Fax: 03337 4308943


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