Cavalier’s House Königs Wusterhausen


“Over there, on the other side of the road, one of the cavalier wings of the castle drew along. It was all recovered in white and red roses, and his upper windows were opened; Light and music spread brightly and invitingly across to me. ” Theodor Fontane also passed by King Wusterhausen on his hikes and described the unique atmosphere of the castle. Especially the cavalier houses, from which music rang out, had done it to him.

In the early 18th century lodged the Cavaliers, the guests of the Soldier King, accompanied him to the hunt and gathered in the evening to the tobacco college. In the Ehrenhof of the castle of Königs Wusterhausen, the favourite castle of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm I, the latter brought his highly esteemed guests in two cavalier houses.

Since they were newly opened in May 2004, they serve as a cultural site. The historical hall regularly hosts concerts, readings, theatrical performances and other events, and the houses built by 1703 – 1706 also host the Royal Castle Restaurant, a house brewery and a bakery with a café. You can also stay in original style in one of the three rooms in the Cavalier’s house.


Kavalierhaus Königs Wusterhausen

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Kavalierhaus Königs Wusterhausen 52.298692, 13.625301 Kavalierhaus Königs WusterhausenSchlossplatz 115711 Königs Wusterhausen03375 2468150

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