Groß Schönebeck Hunting Lodge

Around 1540, the Hunting Lodge, built by Casper Theiss, was erected in Renaissance style as a typical Northern German brick building.

It was built over a castle-like estate of which no traces have been preserved.
After the destruction of the building during the Thirty Years’ War,
the roof was rebuilt in 1662 and can still today be seen in its original state.

From 1834 onwards, King Frederick William III gave the building its present appearance:
the almost square floor plan, the small towers and the door and window placement.
Since then, the registry has been decorated with an opulent stucco ceiling.

From then on, the Hunting Lodge accommodated aristocrats, their hunting guests and entourage.
Later it was used as a residential and administrative building for head foresters and from 1973 to 1989 it became a cultural centre for forestry workers.

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