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The imposing castle, built in Baroque style, radiates history. It is not without reason that Theodor Fontane dedicated the second volume of his novel “Before the Storm” to the castle. Anyone who has read the first volume will recognize a lot here.
”In Gusow, one of the old turning villages, everything reminds of the old Derfflinger”, wrote Fontane about the village. We are talking about the Electoral Brandenburg field marshal and governor of Pomerania Georg von Derfflinger, who acquired the old manor house in 1649.
Over the centuries, the castle was used as a manorial residence, as a hunting or summer residence and later as the “first war saloon in the district of Lubusz” (1943). Shortly before the end of the Second World War, Schloss Gusow was used by the Wehrmacht as a camp and combat standing.

After the Second World War, the Red Army short term moved into the castle. In GDR times, it was used as a grain store, as a poultry farm, as a school, kindergarten or seat of the village administration.

Today, inside the castle there is a museum, a restaurant and a small hotel. In the museum you can admire, among other things, thematic pewter showcases and a historical fashion exhibition. Fontane admirers can also find here the “Dancing Faun”, depicted by him.

Schloss Gusow

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Schloss Gusow 52.572220, 14.346063 Schloss GusowSchloßstraße 715306 Gusow-PlatkowTelefon: 03346 8725


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