castle Fürstlich Drehna

The first glimpse of the more than 500 year old castle makes the past rise again. Surrounded by a moat, in the midst of the nature of the Lower Lusatia ridge in Fürstlich Drehna, it radiates a venerable solemnity, which you can’t escape.

The bright white water castle with its towers, its imposing gable and the associated Castle Park has been used several times as a film backdrop, for example for the fairytale film “The Master Thief” and for the youth-jail-film “Jana and Jan”.

The Schlosshotel “Princely Drehna” is the centre of an outstanding ensemble with Linden court, Manor House, Office (Hotel use), horse stable (restaurant), Nursery and brewery. The 52 hectare landscape park with its rare tree population is one of the most beautiful in Brandenburg. Over the centuries, many different aristocratic families lived here, which have changed the appearance of the castle over and over again.

On the remnants of the medieval predecessor building, the castle was constantly expanded and rebuilt until the late 19th century. The various elements, including Gothic details, complemented by those from the Renaissance, give the plant its unique, truly princely charm.



Schloss Fürstlich Drehna

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Schloss Fürstlich Drehna 51.758992, 13.802978 Schloss Fürstlich DrehnaLindenpl. 8,15926 Luckau, Deutschland+49 35324 3030



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