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Schloss Felchow
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The towerless construction is hardly perceived today as a castle. Over the centuries, however, many other architectural details were lost exept the tower. When August Friedrich Stüler, a student of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, designed the plans for Schloss Felchow around 1850, it was a stately building in the style of an Italian villa. It had a touch of southern atmosphere. The tower had a special significance as an artistic accent. However, this painterly effect was largely lost in the early years of the GDR with the removal of the tower. For years it is planned to add the tower to the building again.

The attached manor house is animated in the southern part by a terrace and a hall with three arches.
The narrow side is pronounced by oriel windows. Behind the farmhouse Felchow extends a landscaped park to the east.
Surrounded by the unique landscape between the flood plain of the Oder and the Schorfheide, the Schlossanlage Felchow still offers an imposing sight.

Gutshaus Felchow

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Gutshaus Felchow 53.061551, 14.098817 Gutshaus FelchowSchwedter Straße 2016278 Schöneberg-Felchow

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