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The former GDR high school of Bogensee is located 15 km north of the border of the Municipality of Berlin. The complex takes its name from the nearby lake, Bogensee.

The Bogensee Academy is surrounded by forests and located right on the water. As Goebbels “love nest” and later as a GDR- youth university, it looks back to a moving history.
Since its successful opening in September 2016, the Bogensee Academy is now a cultural center. Concerts, theme nights, readings, drama, dance, projects and other activities are going to be offered now regularly. It should become a place of learning, a center for personal and professional development, a place for intellectual exchange.

The place seems perfect for that. Surrounded by trees and forests, almost untouched nature, it is a piece of colossal, clear architecture.
An “upper chamber of modern times” by the architect of the Karl-Marx-Allee, Hermann Henselman, in the style of socialist realism.

In the two buildings “Haus Bogensee” and “Haus Berlin”, which face each other at a distance of about 200 meters, there are staircases, seminar halls and a reading room with more than 500 seats. A versatile place that is ideal for learning, walking, relaxing and resting.


Akademie Bogensee

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Akademie Bogensee 52.783330, 13.533330 Akademie BogenseePlatz der Freundschaft16348 Wandlitz OT BogenseeTel.: +49 (0) 30 25 768 019Fax: +49 (0) 30 25 768 590 

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