baroque castle Kossenblatt

At the site of a medieval moated castle stands today the baroque palace Kossenblatt. Field Marshal and Minister J. A. Reichsgraf von Barfuss let the castle built from 1699 to 1712.
However, the field marshal died before the completion of the castle and his wife, born Eleonore Countess von Dönhoff let the castle completed. Theodor Fontane wrote many legends about the family and its riches. In 1736, King Frederick William I acquired the castle as a senior seat, but he stayed there just for a few months until his death in 1740.

In the following years, the owners of the castle changed frequently and in 1967 it was finally restored. Currently the castle is privately owned.

Barockschloss Kossenblatt

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Barockschloss Kossenblatt 52.115071, 14.071990 Barockschloss Kossenblatt Lindenstraße 37 15848 Tauche  

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