Groß Schönebeck Hunting Lodge

Nature in the Schorfheide is perfect for hiking or small walks in the forest. Those who love the forest will find everything they could wish for in the park. Lakes for swimming, fishing ponds, there’s nothing you won’t find. There is much to discover for those who are interested in art and architecture as well. The castles Schorfheide and Hubertusstock, the Chorin monastery or the old church in Joachingsthal are just some examples. The region is perfect for daytrips or for a stay over the weekend.


Some Highlights:

The thickest beech in Brandenburg – Copyright Gemeinde Schorfheide

The hike to the thickest beech in Brandenburg takes about three hours. It follows a well signposted trail and there are lots of places to stay and eat on the way.

360° Aussichtsplattform – Copyright Jürgen Rocholl

If you’re not affraid of heights and you won’t to have a great overview of the region, the 360° viewing plattform is perfect for you. It’s 123 Meters above sea level and reachable by an elevator.

Alteichenpfad – Copyright Gemeinde Schorfheide

The second hiking path on this list is a bit shorter but none less beatiful. The path is called the “Old Oak Path” and is placed next to lake Werbellinsee.

Schifffahrt auf dem Werbellinsee – Copyright Reihard Schliebenow

If walking isn’t for you, there is another way of expiriencing the Schorfheide. On board one of the tourist ships you have a great view over the Werbellinsee and the wooded shoreline. There’s a little restaurant on board.

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Gut Sarnow
Eichhorster Chaussee 5
16244 Schorfheide
Tel: 0333 93-65 825
Ringhotel Schorfheide
Hubertusstock 2
16247 Joachimsthal
67 km nördlich von Berlin entfernt.
Etwa eine Stunde über die Autobahn 11.

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